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The Best Vascular Surgeon in Giza 2023

Vascular diseases are common in the society, where wrong lifestyles such as eating fatty foods and relying on fast food a lot. For the treatment of these diseases, patients can visit the best vascular surgeon in Giza and El-Manial, Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, Professor of Vascular Surgery at Cairo University. In this article, learn about the most important diseases treated by the vascular surgeon in El-Manial and how to diagnose them.

What are the most important diseases treated by the best vascular surgeon in Giza?
Various diseases of the circulatory system affect human health, as the circulatory system contains the heart and blood vessels, which are divided into:
• Arteries: are those that work to transport oxygenated blood and nutrients to all parts of the body; Therefore, the color of the artery appears in red, and one of the most important arteries in the body: the aorta, which comes out of the heart to feed the various organs of the body.
• Veins: They are the blood vessels that work in contrast to the arteries. The veins transport blood that is non-oxygenated from the cells back to the heart and then to the lungs. Therefore, the veins appear in blue color. The most important veins in the body are: the heart veins, the inferior vena cava, and the superior vena cava.
• Capillaries: They are the smallest blood vessels in the body, but they spread wider than the rest of the blood vessels. The capillaries are connected between the veins and arteries in the body.

When any of the parts of the circulatory system is affected, the patient has a feeling of severe pain and fatigue when making any effort, and the most famous diseases that affect the body and affect the circulatory system are:
• Aortic Aneurysm.
• Peripheral vascular diseases.
• Varicose veins, a disorder in the valves of the veins; This allows blood to flow in the opposite direction to the heart.
• Arteriosclerosis.
• The occurrence of blood clots in the veins.
• Blood clotting disorders.
• Buerger's disease (often affecting the arteries and veins of the hands and feet).
• Raynaud's disease (affects the arteries in the fingers and toes, causing them to narrow in response to a feeling of coldness and psychological pressure).

Causes of vascular diseases in the body:
The likelihood of developing some vascular diseases varies between individuals, as exposure to the following causes increases the incidence of these diseases:
• Diabetes.
• The presence of a hereditary vascular disease.
• Having a heart attack or stroke.
• Hypertension.
• High levels of harmful fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides.
• Weak physical activity and lack of exercise.
• Obesity and overweight disease.
• Smoking.
• Extreme stress and anxiety.

The Tips of the Best Vascular Surgeon in El-Manial to prevent these diseases:
Dr. Hossam El Mahdy, the best vascular surgeon in Giza  advises by following these guidelines and directions and changing bad habits to get a healthy life free of diseases:
• If you are a smoker, try to quit smoking immediately.
• Try to control chronic diseases - such as diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia - by taking appropriate medications for treatment after consulting a vascular surgeon.
• Doing exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.
• Avoiding foods that contain a lot of salt and saturated fat.
• Maintaining a healthy body weight.
• Trying to control stress and anxiety.
• Maintaining personal hygiene.

The Cost of the Best Vascular Surgeon in Giza:
The Cost of the Best Vascular Surgeon in Giza varies according to some factors; The price is determined by several factors such as the location of the clinic and the doctor's experience in treating various vascular diseases. The doctor's diagnostic methods also affect the price, as the use of doppler or magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis increases the price of the visit.

Therefore, the patient should communicate with the clinics of Dr. Hossam El-Mahdy, the best vascular surgeon in Giza, to book the appropriate appointment and follow the doctor’s instructions in the treatment of vascular diseases.